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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wesleyan Bloggers

Note: I have been searching for other Wesleyan pastors who have blogs. The following list is rather random, and I've collected them slowly along the way. If you are a minister in the Wesleyan Church, and you'd like to have your blog added to the list, feel free to e-mail me at orangeluther@hotmail.com. I'd be glad to add you.

Also, you've got to keep your blog updated! If it goes longer than a month between posts, you'll be unceremoniously dumped!!

-- Mark O. Wilson, Haward Wesleyan Church (Hayward, WI)
Keith Kiper, The Circuit Rider

Travis Cox, Country Church Pastor

Q & A with Pastor Mark Haines

Dave Johnson, Reclaim the Beauty

Greg Teegarden, One Thirsy Person to Another

James Watkins, Hope and Humor

Keith Drury

Global Ambassadors, Norman Wilson

Ken Schenck, Schenck Thoughts

Evangelicals and llegal Immigrants, Norman Wilson

Timothy P. Kirpatrick

Heath Davis, A Northwoods Life

Jeremy Mavis

Lawrence W. Wilson

Mark O. Wilson, Revitalize Your Church

Tim Guptill, G'update

Paul Kind, Vagabonding

John Drury, Drulogian

David Drury

Jerry Brecheisen

Eric Wagenmaker, Random, Contemplative

Chad McCallum, Between Sundays

Dale Argot, Reflections of the South Side

Joe & Randi Gormong

Joel Gorveatte, Get to the Point

Amanda Drury, Amanda's Spot

Bill Lawson, Kidd's Place

A. J. Thomas, The Jonny Smith Regime

Kevin Wright, Wright off the Bat

Shannon D'Agostino, Our Simple Adventures

David Rutler, Savior Stretching

David Sheffield, One Rock Crying Out

Wisconsin Spiritual Formation: Davis, Mavis and Brown

Joy Ziegler, Conformed or Transformed?

Matthew Rose, The Matthew Never Knew

David and Katy Kinnan, The Kinnan Chronicles

Ben Robinson, The Orthodoctor

Brian Johnson, Community Wesleyan Church

Ryan Budde, The Scope

Ed Boston, Do the Right Thing

Josh Cooper, Front Porch Life

Gail Neuerberg, The Beauty of God In Little Things

Mark Schnell Thinks Out Loud

Brian Russell, Real Meal Ministries

Glen Robinson, Dividing Wall

Tom Kinnan, Keeping Perspective

Steve Matthews

Mark Gorveatte, Church Edge

Daniel Shipton, Average Church Pastor's Journey with Jesus

Dan Bickel, Wisconsin District

Brooks Sayer, Stuff I Say

Doug Dennis, Intentional Interim Pastor

Jeff Bouma, The Fuse

Rick Hudgens, Trustworthy Sayings

Phil Stevenson, Inner Sanctum

Jeremiah Gomez, Musings of a Rookie Pastor

Ed Torres, The Core

Lenny Luchetti, Relevant Living

Brandon & Jennifer Bruce

Stevan Sheets

Dale Robertson, Dale's Place

Carles Fletcher, Community Wesleyan Church

The Hollands, Brian and Jaye

Tim Pepper

Dr. Everett Piper, OWU President

Jerry Pattengale, The Accidental Author

Gwen Jackson

Scott Uselman, Thoughts, Jots and Opinions

Jessica Lane, Grace and Bologna

Andrea Swarthout, Andrea's Adventures

Doug Swarthout, Anoka Wesleyan

Dan Ziebarth, Not All Who Wander are Lost

Matt Leroy, The Other Side of the Lake

Jeremy Summers and Matt Leroy, The Way Forward

Jason Page, Sold Out Ministry

Kurt Stevens, Kurt's Korner

Gary Wiley, Manhattan Diary

Chadwick Walenga, Quiet Rhythms

Michael Leamon, Altered Pathways

Rev Wade, Verbal Overflow

Al Thompson, After the Sermon

Gary Cummings, Holiness Arminian Peace Blog

Buddy Rampy

Phillip Modlin

Benji Kelley, Life Leadership and Lattes

Matthew Tietje, Diary of a Young Pastor

Heath Muliken, Daily Dose of Heath

Trent Patterson

Peter & Sarah Damaska, P.S. Thoughts

Michael Cline, Recliner Ramblings

Greg Boyce, The G

David Deck, The Call to Be Great!

Jason McMurphy

Rodney Buse, In the Footsteps of Jesus

Cody Thomas

John McMurphy

Dan Bellinger, Thoughts from the Press Box

Steve Caniff, These Truths

Jim Caniff

Pat Hannon, Embrace the God Life

John Howel

Brad & Kari Terhune

Wesleyan Twitterers

Eric Hibbinghaus

Ernie Schenk, iLeader

Mark Brewer, The Silver Platter

Denn Guptill, Penn of Denn

Dave Treloar, Suburban Disciple

Meredith Griffin, A Servant First

Jeremy McNabb

Milt Borah, Milt's Journey

Allen Perdue, Life and Ministry in ADHD

Josh Rhone

Marc Kelley, Dimly Lit

Darrell Scruggs, Journal of My Journey

Shawn Cossin, Deepen, Find, Join

Jose Alvarado, Wesleyanos en Turrialba